Data Resources Library

The Data Resources Library at the Kansas Geological Survey is the State of Kansas repository for oil, gas, and water well records.

Oil, gas, and water well records held at the Data Resources Library are available to the public in person at the library. Many also may be accessed on our website. Patrons may visit during regular business hours or may contact the library by phone, fax, or email to place orders. Library staff will photocopy and mail documents or scan records and place them on our public website for viewing.

Documents are filed using the Public Land Survey System (section, township, and range). Customers should request information by location in this format.

Further information about the Data Resources Library may be found in KGS Public Information Circular 15, "The Data Resources Library at the Kansas Geological Survey," by Daniel R. Suchy.

Fee Schedule

Photocopy Fees:
$.20 per copy (8.5" x 11" and 8.5" x 14" paper)
$.30 per copy (11" x 17" paper)

A photocopier is available for public use in the library. If photocopies are made by DRL staff, orders totaling 100 pages or more are charged a service fee of $10.00 per 100 pages.

Fanfold Paper Copies of Electric Logs:
$1.00 per foot (black and white), $2.00 per foot (color)—requires a scanned log. (Additional fee of $5.00 per log is charged if log needs to be scanned; scan will be uploaded to our public website.)

Scanning Fees:
$5.00 per electric log (continuous feed format, fanfold paper, scanned to tif, then zipped)
$1.00 per report up to 4 pages; $2.00 for each report over 4 pages (ACO-1s, completion reports, DSTs, WWC-5s, etc., letter- or legal-size paper scanned to pdf).

Scans will be available on our public website the morning after scanning. Scanned orders can be written to CD for $15.00 per disk (for Kansas state agencies the CD fee is $7.00 per disk). Each disk can hold 650 mb.

This pricing system is used for walk-in, telephone, and e-mail customers.

The KGS Publications and Shipping Department prefers payment by credit card (please call with credit card number; do not email or fax) and will add tax. Shipping and handling fees will be added to mailed orders.

Please note the following:
DRL staff reserve the right to limit photocopying to 500 pages per 30 days per customer.
DRL staff reserve the right to limit scanning to 50 logs per 30 days per customer.

Library patrons can place orders by phone, 785-864-2161; fax, 785-812-0208; or email,

Data Resources Library

326 Hambleton

1930 Constant Avenue

Lawrence, Kansas 66047-3726

Phone: 785-864-2161

Fax: 785-812-0208



Hours of operation

  • 8 a.m.-noon and 1-5 p.m. Monday to Friday, except state and federal holidays