Erin Seybold and Sam Zipper installing a piezometer in a streambed.

Water Resources and Geohydrology

We study the aquifers, rivers, and streams of Kansas to provide a sound scientific foundation for water planning and management in the state.

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High Plains and Ogallala Aquifer

The KGS has developed a variety of materials dedicated to providing information, data, and resources related to the High Plains aquifer.

Measuring water levels in the High Plains aquifer

Upper Arkansas River Projects

The KGS has engaged in multiple research projects in the Arkansas River corridor over the past several decades to understand the distribution, fate, and transport of saline water and contaminants in the alluvial and High Plains aquifers.

groundwater quality staff posing for a photo

Kansas River Index Well Network

In the spring and summer of 2018, the KGS established a network of observations wells in the Kansas River alluvial aquifer. The wells operate under the Kansas Index Well Program to provide continuously recorded water levels of the aquifer throughout the year.

Index well at the GEMS site

Recent Publications

  • KGS Open-File Report 2022-6

    Kansas River Alluvial Aquifer Index Well Program: June 2020 to May 2022 Report, by J. J. Butler, Jr., E. C. Reboulet, S. Knobbe, G. C. Bohling, D. O. Whittemore, J. Voss, and B. B. Wilson

  • KGS Open-File Report 2022-4

    Identifying Regime Shifts in the Arkansas River Near Larned, Kansas, by Ilinca Popescu, Sam Zipper, and Erin Seybold

  • KGS Open-File Report 2022-1 (pdf)

    Maintain Existing and Expand Kansas-Based Data Services to the National Groundwater Monitoring Network, by Brownie Wilson, Jim Butler, Ed Reboulet, and Steve Knobbe