Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

Apply to join the FAST Geophysics Program!

Undergraduates are encouraged to apply to complete a research project with the FAST geophysics program! Dr. Schneider will accept one to two undergraduates each year to complete a guided research project.


Students seeking degrees in geology, physics, archaeology, or any other STEM discipline are eligible.

    No, students are welcome to apply from any school in the state of Kansas.

    Funding may be available but is not guaranteed. Dr. Schneider works with students to identify funding sources to support their research projects in addition to seeking her own grants for student support.

    No, but the program recommends the following classes be completed before or concurrently while students complete a research project:

    • PHYSICS - Physics I and II (Force and Mechanics, EM)
    • GEOLOGY - Introductory Geology, Introduction to Geophysics
    • MATH - Calc I and II, Linear Algebra