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How can the KGS help your classroom?

The Kansas Geological Survey is developing standards-based, educational resources for Kansas teachers. Check back every now and then for updates and new material.

If you would like to receive a rock and minerals kit, need help clarifying geological concepts, or have ideas for how we can help you teach geology, send an email to Andy Connolly, science communications specialist, at andrewco@ku.edu.

Glaciers of Kansas, our first collection of standards-based educational materials, is available for you and your students to use. Check back in the future as we add topics and materials, linked to relevant standards.

Summary: During the Ice Age, glaciers reached as far south as Kansas. But how did we know they were here? And what was their effect on the landscape?  In this section, students will learn about the Glaciers of Kansas, understand how glaciers change the landscape, and make their own glacial model using slime!

Standards: 4-ESS1-1, 4-ESS2-1, MS-ESS2-2



Glaciers of Kansas Video Companion (docx) (MS)

Track a Glacier (docx) (MS)

Model a Glacier Slime Activity (docx) (ES and MS)

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Glaciated Region of Kansas